Lawrence County Earns “Perfect Audit” Again

Lawrence County Government is pleased to announce that the audit results for the year ending on June 30, 2019, reveals the county to be in strong financial shape and under strong financial management. The audit report, which is prepared by the Office of Comptroller with the State of Tennessee, shows Lawrence County Government to have no (0) findings this year representing one of the best audits in county history and one of the best for any county in the state this year. 

Officials say the perfect audit is a result of the leadership and dedication of the Accounts and Budget Office as well as each department in the county, at ensuring taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently and in accordance with the law.  Lawrence County Government is under the 1957 Fiscal Control Acts, which governs accounting, budgeting, and purchasing practices for all departments, excluding schools. Another factor that has improved accountability and the quality of services provided to the citizens of Lawrence County is the formation of a County Audit Committee.  The Audit Committee provides an independent review and oversight of the county’s financial reporting processes and the county’s internal controls, a review of the external auditor’s report and follow-up on management’s corrective action, and compliance with laws, regulations, and ethics. 

Lawrence County operates on a $75+ million budget that incorporates twelve funds that provide services throughout the county.  These funds include general administration, public safety, solid waste, industrial development, public works, debt service, capital projects, schools, and homeland security.

Click here to view this year’s audit!

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