Public Notary

  If you need a Notary Public that service is at the County Clerk’s office.

  Requirements for applying to be a notary public:

  1. Applicant must fill out application and return this application to the County Clerk’s office. Applications are available here.
  2. Applicant will then be asked to sign the notary bond book. There is a $10,000 notary bond required. This bond can either be made by an insurance company or two (2) Lawrence County property owners (no lien on property). If using property owners as sureties the bond will need to be made immediately after applicant signs the notary bond book. If applicant is using an insurance bond, we will need the name of the bonding company at the time of application. The actual insurance bond will be required before the applicant can have the new commission certificate and seal (if applicable). It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the insurance company or the two (2) property owners signing as sureties. The two (2) personal sureties will have to sign before the application can be presented to the County Commission for approval.
  3. When application is returned to the County Clerk’s office, the fees will have to be paid at that time. This amount will depend on whether the application is for a renewal or a new notary public. Total cost for notary seal and commission is $35.45. Total cost for a commission only is $13.50. If you still have a crimping seal or a black or yellow ink seal you will need to order a new seal. If you have a seal that says “notary at large” you will need to order a new seal. They now have to read “State of Tennessee Notary Public” effective July 1, 2004.
  4. Beginning October 1, 2014, notaries public are required to maintain “a record of each of the notaries public’s acts, attestations, protections, and other instruments of publication” regardless of whether the notary public receives a fee or compensation for his or her services. So long as the information kept in the notary public’s record is available for public inspection and other conditions are met, such information may be maintained in any appropriate electronic medium.
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