Tennessee Electors Cast Electoral College Ballots; Electoral College Names Biden Winner

Lawrenceburg’s Jim Looney, representing Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District, was among the presidential electors who met at the State Capitol today (December 14) to cast their ballots for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.
“Tennessee’s electors casting ballots in the Electoral College is the last step in our electoral process,” said Secretary Hargett. “Tennessee had a safe, sensible, and responsible election, thanks to the hard work and planning by our Division of Elections, the administrators and staff of our 95 county election commissions and all of the poll officials who stepped up to serve in their communities.”
The Volunteer State has 11 of the total 538 electoral votes that make up the U.S. Electoral College. Each state gets two at-large electors and one elector for each congressional district. Tennessee has nine congressional districts.
By law, Tennessee is a winner-take-all state. In the November 3, 2020, general election Donald J. Trump received 1,852,475 votes and Joseph R. Biden 1,143,711 votes. Therefore, the presidential electors representing Tennessee were those chosen by the Tennessee Republican Party’s executive committee.

The electors who cast Tennessee’s U.S. Electoral College ballots were:

  • Congressional District 1: Paul Chapman
  • Congressional District 2: Cindy Hatcher
  • Congressional District 3: Tina Benkiser
  • Congressional District 4: Dr. John Stanbery
  • Congressional District 5: Beverly Knight-Hurley
  • Congressional District 6: Mary Ann Parks
  • Congressional District 7: Jim Looney
  • Congressional District 8: Kathy Bryson
  • Congressional District 9: Terry Roland
  • At-Large: Scott Smith
  • At-Large: Julia Atchley-Pace
In the end, Joe Biden was formally elected as the next president of the United States by members of the electoral college, securing a total of 306 electoral votes. He will be inaugurated the 46th President on January 20th, 2021.
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