Watch: Regular Session of the Lawrence County Commission

On January 26th, the Lawrence County Board of Commissioners met in Regular Session. The live stream of the session is available below:


1. Resolution No. 2021012601
Resolution Approving Minutes of November 24, 2020 of the Lawrence County Board of

2. Resolution No. 2021012602
Resolution to Approve Appointment of Joey Hardin to Regional Solid Waste Planning

3. Resolution No. 2021012603
Resolution to Reappoint Jill Gowen to Lawrenceburg-Lawrence County Airport Board

4. Resolution No. 2021012604
Resolution to Re-Elect Jane Lampley, Kenny Springer, Tammy Wisdom, and Rickey
Skillington as Members of the Agriculture Extension Committee

5. Resolution No. 2021012605
Resolution to Approve County Road List

6. Resolution No. 2021012606
Resolution to Approve Appointment of Shelton Barnett as Manager of the Lawrenceburg
Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency

7. Resolution No. 2021012607
Resolution to Approve Delinquent Tax Attorney

8. Resolution No. 2021012608
Resolution to Declare Certain Motor Vehicles Used and Certain Firearms Used by the
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department to be Surplus Property and to be Disposed of by
Sale or Donation

9. Resolution No. 2021012609
Resolution to Request the Tennessee General Assembly to Approve the Acquisition of
Martin Methodist College by the University of Tennessee System Establishing a Fourth
Undergraduate Campus of the University of Tennessee System

10. Resolution No. 2021012610
Resolution to Amend Resolutions Nos. 2017012412 and 2017092612 Regarding the
Guidelines for the Purpose of Lawrence County Purchasing Pipe and Materials for In-
House Waterline Extension Projects

11. Resolution No. 2021012611
Resolution to Fund Waterline Projects for Summertown Utility District

12. Resolution No. 2021012612
Resolution to Amend Budget to Provide for Increases in Compensation/Salaries to
Certain Sheriff Department Employees to be effective January 1, 2021

13. Resolution No. 2021012613
Resolution to Amend overtime/Compensatory Time policy

14. Resolution No. 2021012614
Resolution To Pay Lawrence County Employees Compensatory/Overtime Pay Accrued
Through December 31, 2020
15. Resolution to Approve Memorandum of Understanding with City of Lawrenceburg to
Equally Share the Cost of the Salaries of the Solid Waste Director, Assistant Director and
Administrative Assistant

16. Resolution No. 2021012616
Budget Amendments

To be considered under suspension of the rules:
17. Resolution No. 2021012617
Resolution To Approve Annual Incentive Bonus For Qualified Employees Of Lawrence
County Who Achieve The Certified County Financial Officer Designation
18. Resolution No. 2021012618
Resolution To Approve Lease Agreement Between Lawrence County And The
Tennessee Board Of Regents And Columbia State Community College For The Southern
Tennessee Higher Education Center
19. Resolution No. 2021012619
Resolution to Amend Lawrence County Personnel Policy to Adopt the Provisions of the
Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) for Lawrence County Employees
Through March 31, 2021
20. Resolution No. 2021012620
Resolution to Authorize the County Executive to Execute and Submit an Application for
Tennessee Small Cities Community Development Block Grant and Authorizing
Matching Funds in a Sum Not to Exceed $200,000.00
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