Need County Government info? Try texting

Lawrence County government is launching a new communication tool that will keep residents informed and provide answers to basic inquiries about county services.

TextMyGov allows residents to text questions and sign up for alerts, news, and event announcements. There’s no app to download or system to learn – you will just be sending and receiving texts, something the majority of us do multiple times a day.

To sign up for announcements, text LAWCOALERTS to 91896. A confirmation will arrive, asking you to reply “Yes.” With that, you will receive text announcements about office closures, holidays, and other special notices.

If you have a question, text “Hi” to 931-324-1005, then type one or two words about the information you need. If you text a word the system doesn’t recognize, it will prompt you to phrase your question in a different way. To request keyword examples, simply type “Menu.”

The system will respond to your keyword question with an answer or a link to the appropriate page on our website. If you type “Business License,” you can follow the link to a Business License Application or registration with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Since the artificial intelligence behind TextMyGov never sleeps, you can ask questions or sign up for alerts 24 hours a day. I encourage everyone to sign up.

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