Prayer event on the Square this Wednesday

State Representative Monty Fritts, the author of Tennessee House Joint Resolution 803, will be at the pavilion on the Lawrenceburg Square this Wednesday, July 10, at 2 p.m. to speak and pray with those who wish to join him.

Resolution 803 calls for 31 days of prayer and fasting in Tennessee beginning July 1, 2024. It passed overwhelmingly in the state Senate 27-1 and in the House 82-6, and was signed by Governor Bill Lee.

The legislators also acknowledged the many crises and problems plaguing our state and America and that seeking God through personal “humbling” and “penitence” is a way to resolve those issues.

The legislators specifically named many specific moral issues that have been causing Tennesseans and Americans suffering, such as violence committed upon its citizens by other citizens and non-citizens; violent crime in schools; the “violent evil” of human trafficking “that enslaves lives;” deadly fentanyl which “flows uncontrollably” across the southern border; drug addiction that “overwhelms families;” 9,000 children in the state in need of foster care; and “evidence of corruption in our federal government” which impacts every Tennessean.

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