Delano Benefield

Delano Benefield

District 10

Commissioner Delano Benefield is in his seventh term representing District 10 in Lawrence County. He has served with County Executives Marty Dunkin, Ametra Bailey, Paul Rosson, T.R. Williams, and now, David Morgan.

Benefield grew up in his District on Dugout Road and has lived on Highway 43 near Brace Road since 1986. He and his wife Lucretia have three children.

District 10 shares its eastern border with Giles County and its northernmost border with Maury. Its southern border lies on the north side of Brewer and Campbellsville Roads, so several Amish families and businesses related to the Amish are located there. Its western side includes Dixie Oaks Golf Course and several areas where new home construction is underway.

Benefield played a major role in the founding and construction of Unity Baptist Church, located at the corner of Highway 43 and Brace Road. He learned to be a carpenter, plumber, and electrician on the job – his career included 21 years at Monsanto in Columbia and 10 years at the local Union Carbide (now G.T. Refractory Solutions). He was most recently self-employed, using the skills mentioned above.

Northern Lawrence County is definitely growing, making schools, roads, and property concerns high on District 10 residents’ priority list.

Benefield serves on the Human Resources, Resolution, and Utility/Energy Efficiency committees.

Delano Benefield can be contacted at 931-629-0374

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