Denny Gillespie

Denny Gillespie

District 3

Denny Gillespie is a native of Lawrence County. He has lived in Five Points, which lies in the 3rd Civil District in the Southeastern corner of the County, all of his life, with the exception of the four years spent in military service.

Denny attended Loretto High School, Class of ’65. Married to the former Jetta M. McCrory also class of ’65, they have 2 children, Cherie Montgomery of Franklin, Tennessee and Ben who lives on the farm in Five Points. Cherie is married to Dwayne Montgomery of Collinwood. Dwayne and Cherie have one beautiful daughter, Hatton (17) and two twin boys Bo and Bear (4). Ben is married to the former Carla Johnson of Iron City. Ben is self-employed and a lineman who works storm damages from storms all over the country. Ben and Carla have 4 children, Ryan, Oakley, Weston and a beautiful daughter, Bella.

Denny retired from TVA, Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in 2001 but still does some contract work with various Nuclear Power Producers including TVA. Jetta is a retired Teacher who now enjoys babysitting and life on the farm.

Denny is a Navy Combat Veteran of Vietnam, serving 2 years on the USS Banner, sister ship of the USS Pueblo 66′-67′ then became a member of the Brown Water Navy serving in ’68-’69 on River Boats in Vietnam.

“Being a Dad, Granddad, farmer, landowner, and longtime citizen here in Lawrence County, I have a vested interest in the future of this County. I believe the Government is here to serve the people. I do not mind paying taxes on my income or any other tax that ‘everyone’ pays. However, since the idea of owning your own home is the ‘American Dream,’ I believe that a person should not have to pay taxes on their homes an entire lifetime. This is the reason I will never vote for a property tax increase.

“Lawrence County is a great place to live. I feel we have many things which should attract people and industry who are looking to relocate. Our schools are moving in the right direction. Our county has a workforce known to be hard-working, honest people who make good employees, neighbors as well as good friends.”

“Since the name of the game today is ‘jobs,’ this must be the County Commission’s number one priority. As for the minor part I play in the scheme of things here in Lawrence County, I stand ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure we have the infrastructure and support necessary to attract jobs to this area.”

This Bio was written many years ago but Denny believes this is still true today.

“I pray that the Good Lord continues to bless our Nation, the Great State of Tennessee,, as well as our County. I believe he will. Although we have many problems which seem to be insurmountable, I believe prayer and hard work will see us through. I look around at the youth today, seeing many, many young people going to war for their Country, laying their lives on the line, and believe me, the good in this generation far outweighs the bad. Although I believe we should not have committed ourselves to nation-building, especially in Iraq, however, I support these brave men and women 110%. May God bless and protect them all, our County, our State and our Country”.

Denny Gillespie can be contacted at 931-629-5460

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