Chris Sutherland

Chris Sutherland

District 6

Chris Sutherland moved to Lawrence County as a six-year-old in 1959, when his father, Dr. W.S. Sutherland, started practicing medicine here. He attended the local Seventh Day Adventist school and then completed high school at Harbart Hills Academy in Olive Hill, Tennessee.

Chris went on to become a commercial pilot and spent 32 years making domestic and international flights for American Airlines. In the last years of his career he piloted the 168-seat capacity 737-800 Boeing.

He retired in 2016 and moved back to Lawrence County the following year. He is married to Kendra Kay Sutherland; they have three sons and four grandchildren.

“I didn’t want to come home and not be involved,” he says of his decision to serve his district as a Commissioner. He is Vice-President of the West Point Community Club and active in the County Council of Community Clubs.

Chris Sutherland can be contacted at 615-294-8103

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