Travis Cauwels

Travis Cauwels

District 7

Travis Cauwels’ family moved to Lawrence County in 1995 and he graduated from LCHS in 2006. He joined the Marine Corps on his 18th birthday and left for Parris Island soon after his high school graduation. He spent 4 years in the Marines while serving tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the service, Travis moved his wife (Ashley) and newborn son (Brantly) back to Lawrence County to begin school. He graduated from Columbia State in 2012 and continued his education at MTSU. He graduated with honors from MTSU in 2014 with a Major in Animal Science and a minor in Biology. During this time, he and his wife added another son (Cooper) to the family.

Travis has been involved in multiple businesses since graduation. He does sales and design at his family’s business in town. Travis is also a licensed Realtor through the state of Tennessee and works for a local brokerage.

In 2020, Travis and Ashley added a third son (Trey) to their family. The two of them along with their 3 sons reside in the 7th district of Lawrence County where they are actively involved in the community. Between business and coaching multiple sports, Travis is very engaged with the residents of Lawrence County and looks forward to serving the people of the 7th district.

Travis Cauwels can be contacted at 931-629-3033

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