Introducing Lawrence County Commissioners

County Commissioners paid me a great honor at our September meeting when they elected me Chair of the Commission. This means I will conduct our meetings, guiding Commissioners through agendas we develop through the committee process. I do not cast a vote except in the case of a tie, and cannot make, or second, a motion.

County Executives are not always elected Chair and those who aren’t have the power to veto resolutions that Commissioners approve.  I very much wanted to be Chairman because I want to always work with the Commission, not oppose them. It’s vital to preserve the spirit of cooperation and teamwork that helps Lawrence County advance when other communities do not.

Cooperation is easy with a great group of Commissioners who are dedicated to serving their districts and our community. I’d like to give you a brief introduction to these 18 men and women, and more is available on this website, including contact information and district maps. 

Wayne Yocom serves District 1 – areas north and south of Loretto and a portion of the city west of Highway 43. Wayne is serving his eighth term on the Commission and is retired from the State Department of Transportation.

Barry Luffman represents District 2, an area that includes Loretto east of Highway 43 and extends south to the state line. Barry is new to the Commission, an employee of Lawrenceburg Utility Systems, and a volunteer fireman.

Denny Gillespie is in his 6th term as representative of District 3, which is the southeast corner of the county. Denny is a Vietnam Navy Combat Veteran, retired from TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant and a farmer.

Roy Dale Hagan is serving his first term on the Commission from District 4. The area includes the Dunn Community, Fall River Road, and the majority of Old Florence-Pulaski Road. Roy is “retired” but farms, builds and sells wooden caskets, and is a longtime volunteer fireman.

John Bradley is in his second term serving the 5th District, which includes south Lawrenceburg, Leoma, and Gandy. Works for the Lawrence County Juvenile Court assisting juveniles and their families. Includes crisis management with families, counseling and providing other assistance to juveniles and their families and/or guardians, assisting with the intake of juvenile offenders, coordinating special programs including truancy court and/or foster care reviews, and maintaining contacts with school personnel, social service agencies and law-enforcement personnel.

Chris Sutherland is a new Commissioner representing District 6, encompassing the communities of West Point and Iron City. Chris is the son of the late Dr. W.S. Sutherland, a longtime local physician. He is a retired commercial pilot who flew domestic and international flights for American Airlines.

Travis Cauwels is also a new Commissioner and represents District 7, which includes southeast Lawrenceburg and areas extending south and east of it. Travis is a Marine Corps veteran, works in his family business and coaches multiple youth sports.

Rick Skillington is serving District 8 in his second term on the Commission. The district includes east Lawrenceburg and the New Prospect Community. Rick is retired from the University of Tennessee Extension Service and works part-time for Eulan Hooper Auctions and Revitup Outdoors.

Randy Brewer is a second-term Commissioner representing District 9, which includes the most northern section of Lawrenceburg and the City of Ethridge. Randy is a former newspaper reporter, economic developer, and now works as a property appraiser.

Delano Benefield has served District 10, which includes the northeast corner of the county, under five County Executives. His career included work at Monsanto and Union Carbide, and self-employment as a carpenter, plumber, and electrician.

Scott Franks is serving a third term representing the growing Summertown area, District 11. He has been a federal employee for 35 years, and has a long record of service to the Summertown community in many volunteer capacities.

Phillip Heatherly serves Lawrence County’s north central 12th District, which includes the Center Community. He just began his second full term on the Commission, is self-employed, and is an active member of the Henryville Community Club.

Dave Ray is serving his first term as the second-youngest Commissioner in Lawrence County history. He represents District 13, which is west of Lawrenceburg and includes the Deerfield community and Laurel Hill Wildlife Management Area. Dave graduated from Loretto High School in 2021 and opened his own media agency the same year.

Sandy Newton is another new Commissioner representing District 14 – northwest Lawrenceburg and areas west and north of the city. She has worked in the Lawrence County Circuit Court Clerk’s office 28 years.

Tammy Wisdom has just begun her second full term as a Commissioner representing District 15: western Lawrenceburg and areas on both sides of U.S. 64 West. Tammy worked at Dura Automotive, sold Home Interior & Gifts, served as a substitute teacher, and is currently employed at Story & Lee Furniture.

Shane Eaton represents District 16, which is located in the City of Lawrenceburg and is in his third term. He is a Marine Corps veteran, employed at the Lawrenceburg Fire Department, and is a Certified Public Administrator.

Tim Clifton is a new Commissioner representing District 17, which is also located in the City of Lawrenceburg. He served with the Navy SeaBees, was self-employed as a residential and commercial electrician, and retired from the Lawrence County Highway Department.

Will Burnett is another new Commissioner and represents District 18 – east Lawrenceburg. He is employed at the Department of Human Services and is close to completing his Master’s in Public History at UNA.

As you can see, our Commissioners have a wide range of experience and interests, but they all love Lawrence County. I’m excited about all the great things we can accomplish over the next four years.



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